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Farocki ‘Phantom Images’ – Der Trommler – Dog

Looking at ‘Phantom Images’, a 2004 essay from Harun Farocki. Let’s pin down what he means by ‘phantom images’ and the gist of the piece – broadly that advanced and … Continue reading

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Leaving the island. At last.

Ralph decides to present himself as a pirate upon arrival at the Coral Island, but gives no reason for this odd choice. He hoists a black flag and lets off … Continue reading

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‘dancing round their suppers of human flesh’, phosphorescence

Still on first sandal-wood buying mission at the island of Emo (although I don’t think this name is mentioned again), Romata is the island chief with the awesome hair The … Continue reading

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Arrival at the island ‘Emo’ (Coral Island cont.)

Basically in the first episode in which the boys encounter indigenous people, one of the groups is chasing the other group on to the island, the boys hide, lots of … Continue reading

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Boat-building and infinite labour in Crusoe & Coral Island

Chapter 14 is called ‘Strange peculiarity of the tides – also of the twilight’ and in chapter 15 ‘The boat finished’ the boat is returned to and fashioned very effectively. … Continue reading

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Dead Crusoe (sort of), a metonym of the Pacific, some boat building

There is at least one reference to odd doings – I can’t quite say magic – that might pertain to the island, and this is right after the penguin episode … Continue reading

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Penguins on the Coral Island

Chapter 7 is called ‘Horrible encounter with a shark’. The island team are reluctant to start building a permanent dwelling, but at last they set to it when at length … Continue reading

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