Into Ruins

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Note from K-Punk for Pennine Street

From ‘why i want to fuck ronald reagan’ (beginning p.47) Discussing a prank that happened at the 1980 Republican convention, in which the text of part of Ballard’s novel The Atrocity … Continue reading

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Pennine Street 2019

There will be lots more illustrations than these but wanted to see these put together. The second one is the most like the style that I was using to start … Continue reading

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Notes for forward motion

Just wanted to look up what I mentioned on abstraction in relation to photography in The Book but got distracted with some of these wild assertions from the abstraction chapter. … Continue reading

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Some bits on content analysis from ‘Handbook of Visual Analysis’

Visual Methods notes When I turn my attention towards doing some writing of my own, even just notes, I still feel guiltily that I should be doing something else. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Frank on Crusoe

Crusoe: Daniel Defoe, Robert Knox and the Creation of a Myth Katherine Frank 2011 I read this a while ago and was at the time rather impatient to get it … Continue reading

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Notes from ‘Seeking Robinson Crusoe’ by Tim Severin

Today dear reader listener dear  I just need to do some notes from Seeking Robinson Crusoe by Tim Severin, which I’ve been hogging and need to return to the library. … Continue reading

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Planting the Nation – some biblio notes I can’t now recall what I googled in order to arrive at this bibliography from Horizon Books who are based in Canada, but it’s a very useful annotated list … Continue reading

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