Into Ruins

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Encyclopedic museums, argument, looting

“national museums are important instruments in the formation of nationalist narratives” (p.xix). In contradistinction to the national museum, Cuno suggests that the ‘encyclopedic museum’ has a different purpose – “That … Continue reading

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Notes on antiquities

Reading ‘Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the battle over our ancient heritage’ by James Cuno, Princeton University Press, 2008. Cuno opens with the case of the Parthenon marbles, and is … Continue reading

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Starting ‘The Ethics of Ambiguity’ – De B and the reed-men – building death

From the top – welcome back, hands! Let’s hear those inputs flowing – welcome welcome, let’s turn our attention to Simone de Beauvoir and The Ethics of Ambiguity, with whom … Continue reading

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Tidying the archive 3 – Landscape and Englishness

MATLESS AND MORTON, ‘LANDSCAPE AND ENGLISHNESS’ AND THE COCKNEY September 22, 2015 Today I’m thinking about Landscape and Englishness by David Matless.  My interest in this is partly just following … Continue reading

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Tidying the archive 2

CRAN ON COLLAGE September 28, 2015 I wanted to look at Collage in Twentieth-Century Art, Literature and Culture: Joseph Cornell, William Burroughs, Frank O’Hara, and Bob Dylan (2014, Ashgate) by … Continue reading

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Tidying the archive 1

WARMING UP | ON WRITING, SEEING FROM THE OUTSIDE November 20, 2015 If I wake up early, enough, and if, if, I get up and look at the dark sky, … Continue reading

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Brief bit on Phantom Images

Farocki describes the images that are used in the process of having a warhead navigate itself towards a target. I’m not sure precisely when the apparatus he describes was operating … Continue reading

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